Celebrating veterans everyday at Josh's House

BYB teamed up with our friends at 98.9 WOKO for a visit Josh’s House at the Josh Pallotta Fund.  We spoke with Val Pallotta and Andrea Gagner-Murphy of the Josh Pallotta Fund to see what Josh’s House is all about.

Val’s son, Josh, struggled with PTSD and in his honor, Josh’s House was created as a space to provide valuable help to other Veterans, their families and their community. At Josh’s House, they “believe that one suicide a day is too many, that Post Traumatic Stress isn’t a limiting factor, and that we are all strongest when we come together.” Josh’s House programs, food, and services are all provided at no cost to veterans. Josh’s House is maintained not only by sponsors and benefit events, but by the wonderful volunteers who help make meals, work at events, and are able to make financial donations.

Thanks to all those who have served, who are serving, and we remember those who we have lost.