… The first and only app focusing on what you’re doing right now, what interests you the most, and sharing content and information between peers across the Champlain Valley and beyond.

BackyardBurlington is new, one-of-a-kind, and soon to be the region's largest, ever changing, collection of photos and videos from outdoor enthusiasts and fun seekers like you. Explore the interactive map and gallery. Be inspired by our communities in action. Inspire others by sharing your experiences in photo and video. Plan your next adventure. Connect directly, make friends, and learn more.

With BackyardBurlington you'll also enjoy:

  • Local Deals - Instant access to great deals from local businesses.
  • Deeper local and regional coverage of the key concerts, events, and happenings you care about. No information overload here … we’re all busy … just what matters.
  • Listen to your favorite local radio stations, plus the latest, greatest, local podcasts ... streamed right to your smart phone.
  • Current weather & conditions at the places we visit and follow; and more than just temp, cloud cover, and precip. You’ll also find links to sophisticated wind data, and water flows … trail and mountain conditions ...radar, satellite, and webcams ... even the latest fire information. BackyardBurlington has everything you need to plan your next adventure and stay safe out there.
  • What’s trending locally.
  • Positive news.
  • Get involved in our communities.
  • More ways to win more cool stuff.

The BackyardBurlington free mobile APP even provides content and updates that you customize, sent directly to you, right when it matters most. Content like:

  • Concert & event announcements.
  • Changes to weather & conditions you’ll want to know about.
  • The newest local deals.
  • Important breaking news.
  • Major music news and more!

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