Pfriem Family Brewers and the Root Cellar at Crows Feet Commons

pFriem Family Brewers have been a shop favorite since we first opened 4 years ago. Our friends in Hood River have raised the bar in what a crafted brewery can do. From their exquisite Pilsner (always on tap in our bar) to their Strong Belgian Ales, they represent everything GOOD in a brewery. Strong values, hard working, pleasant folks that really care.
The same goes for our friend Anna Witham and her divine flavors and pairing with her catering company, the The Root Cellar.
We are very excited to see what Anna comes with when she takes some sips of the Strong Dark Belgian or the Wit from Josh’s recipes.
Tickets are limited at priced at $25.00 per person. Call 541-728-0066 for reservations.

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