Kettle Pond

Groton, VT

The campground is located on the shores of Kettle Pond, an undeveloped pond. There are 26 lean-to’s arranged into five separate groups designed to accommodate a variety of different groups and organizations such as scouts, churches, clubs or other social institutions. There are three composting toilets and two double pit toilets. There is no potable water at this site, but you can get water at nearby New Discovery State Park. There is a campers’ beach and miles of hiking and multiple use trails in Groton State Forest. 7 remote lean-to’s and one remote campsite are also available.

Additionally, the Groton Nature Center is nearby and serves all the state parks in the Groton State Forest.

Day use parking: Day use parking for hiking and boating is separate from the campground and is located adjacent to VT Route 232. The hiking trail and boat portage trail is located in the northwest corner of the parking near the kiosk.


  • 26 lean-to sites for group camping
  • 7 remote lean-to’s
  • 1 remote tent site


Group/remote camping, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, mountain biking, nature programs