• LCI Father's Day Fishing Derby - Secret Fishing Spots

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    Alright, alright, we hear you! You want the inside scoop on specific fishing spots on Lake Champlain, not just vague descriptions. We aim to please, so here’s the lowdown on some local favorites where the fish are biting and the views are breathtaking.

    The Gut:
    This narrow passage between the mainland and South Hero Island is a smallmouth bass hotspot. The rocky bottom and current create the perfect habitat for these feisty fighters.

    Carry Bay:
    Located on the South Hero Island side of The Gut, this shallow bay is teeming with largemouth bass lurking in the weeds. Bring your topwater frogs and get ready for some explosive action.

    The Sandbar:
    This underwater ridge near the mouth of the Missisquoi Bay is a magnet for walleye and northern pike. Troll along the drop-offs or cast your line into the shallows for a chance to hook into a trophy fish.

    Malletts Bay:
    Not exactly secret, but popular and beautiful, this large bay in Colchester is known for its diverse fish population, including lake trout, landlocked salmon, and bass. Explore the rocky points, weed beds, and deep holes for a variety of fishing opportunities.

    Shelburne Bay:
    This protected bay offers calm waters and stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains. It’s a great spot to fish for bass, perch, and panfish from shore or a kayak. While not part of the LCI Derby, check out Shelburne Pond for some great kayaking and beautiful short hiking trails.

    The Inland Sea:
    This vast expanse of water between the Champlain Islands is a haven for anglers seeking trophy-sized lake trout and salmon. Hire a guide or rent a boat to explore the many reefs, shoals, and deep-water channels.

    These are just a few of the many fishing holes scattered along Lake Champlain’s 587 miles of shoreline. Each spot has its own unique character and fish population, so experiment and find your favorites. Remember to always check local regulations and practice responsible fishing to preserve these natural treasures for future generations.

    Local Fishing Charters:

    Nomad Fishing Charters 2355 Mountain View Rd Williston, VT 802-878-2080

    Sure Strike Charters: 4584 Harbor Rd. Shelburne, VT 802-324-2289

    Cloud Nine Charters: 96 Westin Rd. Ferrisburgh, VT 802-373-2528

    3rd Alarm Charters: 2200 Basin Harbor Rd. Vergennes VT 802-345-7949

    The LCI Fishing Derby runs June 15-17.


  • 10 Prime Spots for a Winning Catch at the LCI Fishing Derby: Your Insider Guide

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    Lake Champlain, a vast natural playground straddling Vermont and New York, is renowned for its diverse fish species and stunning scenery. If you’re planning to cast your line in the legendary LCI Fishing Derby, here’s everything you need to maximize your chances of success:

    Top 10 Fishing Hotspots:

    1. Missisquoi Bay: Shallow, weed-filled, a haven for largemouth and smallmouth bass.
    2. Inland Sea: Islands, reefs, varied depths – prime territory for lake trout, landlocked salmon.
    3. Malletts Bay: Excellent for northern pike, yellow perch, and even walleye.
    4. The Gut (between North and South Hero): Strong currents, deep holes attract big fish.
    5. Otter Creek: Trophy smallmouth bass, channel catfish in this river delta.
    6. Shelburne Bay: Diverse structure, good for multiple species.
    7. Button Bay: Rocky points, drop-offs – a lake trout angler’s dream.
    8. Ticonderoga: (NY side) Deep water, rocky shoreline – known for salmon and lake trout.
    9. Crown Point: (NY side) Diverse fishery, worth exploring for various species.
    10. Four Brothers Islands: (NY side) Currents, deep water attract trophy fish.

    Tips for Landing the Big One:

    • Match the Bait: Study the prevalent forage fish in your chosen area (alewives, smelt, etc.) and mimic their appearance/action with lures or live bait.
    • Depth and Structure: Fish relate to underwater features. Look for ledges, drop-offs, weed beds, and humps.
    • Time of Day: Early mornings and evenings often yield the best bite, but this varies by season.
    • Weather: Wind and cloud cover can affect fish behavior. Be adaptable.
    • Local Knowledge: Talk to bait shops, guides, or fellow anglers for up-to-the-minute tips.

    How the LCI Derby Works:

    • Registration: Choose individual, family, or “Champlain Basin Derby” (year-round) options.
    • Eligible Species: Varies by derby type. Focus on those with the biggest potential payoff!
    • Weigh-Ins: Official stations exist throughout the region. Follow the rules meticulously.
    • Prizes: Cash, merchandise, even trips – the stakes are high!

    Chartering Your Success (VT and NY):

    Experienced guides know Lake Champlain intimately. Here’s where to find them:

    • Vermont:
      • Lake Champlain Fishing Charters (Burlington)
      • Tightline Charters (Colchester)
      • The Fly Rod Shop (Stowe) – they also guide
    • New York:
      • Adirondack Fishing Adventures (Lake George)
      • Eastern View Outfitters (Ticonderoga)

    Important Notes:

    • Obtain proper fishing licenses for the state(s) you’ll be fishing in.
    • Practice ethical catch-and-release for sustainable fisheries.
    • Respect private property and access points.
    • Be safe! Weather can change quickly on the lake.

    The LCI Fishing Derby isn’t just a competition; it’s a celebration of Lake Champlain’s angling heritage. With these tips, you’re well on your way to reeling in a memorable experience (and maybe a prize-winning fish!).